Vera View A - Sewalong part 3

Follow along step by step as I'm sewing the Vera dress view A! 

Part 3 - Last part

Pattern: The Vera Dress, PDF pattern

My fabric: I'm using this fabric from Storrs London called Chelsea garden (in yellow) for my Vera dress. In collaboration with them I am offering you a discount code for 20% off your purchase! How great is that? Use code PLOEN1 at checkout when buying any of their gorgeous cotton lawn fabrics! 

This is Part 3 of the sewalong. Read part 1 here and part 2 here

STEP 14. Pockets. Sew pocket right sides together with skirt. Start and end 1cm, 3/8” from the pocket edge (a). Pocket placements are marked on the skirt pieces. Then press the pocket and seam allowances away from the skirt (b). Repeat with all 4 pocket pieces.pocket illustration

STEP 15. Match the front skirt to the back skirt at the side seam. Pin right sides together, notches and pocket pieces aligned (a). In one continuous stitch, sew from the waistline to your pocket stitch, pivot and sew around the pocket and pivot again and then continue to the hem. (b).

pocket illustration

pocket illustration

sewing pockets

STEP 16. Clip the seam allowances like this. Press the pocket toward the center front. Press the seam allowances open above and below the pocket.

Pocket sewing

STEP 17. Attach skirt part of the dress to the bodice, right sides together. Sew with 1cm, 3/8” seam allowance.

attach skirt to bodice


attached skirt

STEP 18. Sew your waist elastic to the seam allowances at the waist, on the inside of the dress. Mark 1/4 all through the length of the elastic. Match up the 1/4 points with CB, side seam, CF, side seam and CB seam of the dress. Place the elastic on top of the seam allowance and sew with a zigzag stitch through all the layers. Stretch the elastic out as you go to match the fabric. When you have sewn all around the waist it should look beautifully ruffled and no stitches showing on the outside of the dress.

I'm sorry to confuse you with a different fabric for this step (forgot to take photos of this step with the yellow fabric). 

pin elastic to waistsew elastic

STEP 19. Sew CB seam up to the notch. Press seam allowance open.

sew CB seam

STEP 20. Topstitch around CB opening to keep all seam allowances in place. Sew on the button of your choice. The distance from the fabric edges should be the same as the diameter of your button.

button loop opening

STEP 21. Hem the sleeves and bottom hem with a double fold. 0.5 cm + 0.5 cm, 1/4” + 1/4”. This creates a clean finish on the inside.

hem the sleeve

Aaaand done!

Vera dress view AVera dress view AVera dress view AVera dress view AVera dress view AVera dress view A

Now wear your Vera dress with pride! :)
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