Sewing studio tour!

I'm so happy to finally be able to invite you to the Ploen Patterns head quarters! As you might know I moved in to a new studio space a couple of months ago. It's a 3 minute walk from my home and it's a lot larger than the last room I rented. And it has windows! What a luxury...

It's not completely finished yet but it's perfectly good to work in. There are some finishing touches I want to do but I figure it will always feel like that and I will think of new things to adjust and upgrade so I will show it to you now anyway :)

This room is upstairs in a collective where artists, dancers, musicians and other creative people hang out and rent studios. So fun :) 

Watch the IGTV video tour here.

This is the view of the room when you walk up the stairs:

I have two tables where I keep the sewing machines. You can read more about my machines here. I also have a chair where I sit when I work on my laptop. I also have a vacuum cleaner with a tiny detachable hand held part which I use to clean up threads and fibres daily. Life changing!

I have covered the arm rests on this green swivel chair  with some fabric. I have a clothes rack where I keep work in progress projects, some toiles and samples and also a few garments that I keep for inspiration. 

Cutting table and peg board. I think this is my favourite part of the room. This is my standing cutting table and I have my peg board  here where I keep most of my tools for pattern drafting and for cutting fabric. I have everything here easy to reach and I think it looks pretty too! 

Excuse the mess - I have not been able to fit all of my fabrics in to storage yet but I’m working on it... ;)

I have my scissors, curved rulers, buttons, thread, pins, pens and everything else I need often on the peg board. I love having everything on display! You can read more about my tools here

At the side of the cutting table I have this book shelf where I keep pdf patterns, paper patterns, material from pattern school, books and accounting things... all the fun stuff 🤪 

To the right of the book shelf I have some shelving that my boyfriend helped me to put up. Here I keep all the fabric and other things. I plan to put up some curtains to cover this mess soon. Behind the cupboard doors is where I keep most of my fabric. I have it sorted by kind of fabric.

Jerseys, woven cottons, viscose etc. I like to keep them out of the open shelves to limit dust and to keep them organised. 
To left when you come up the stairs there’s a couch and some storage where the people I rent this room keep some things. I also have my umbrella lights, dress form and a mirror here. I move things around when I need to take photos, when I’m draping on the dress form etc.  

Over all this space is perfect to work in even though I don't think it's super pretty yet. I will work on making the space feel less cluttered and more organised and clean and I might give you another look in the spring. 

The peg board is "skådis" from IKEA. Mirror and white cardboard boxes are also from IKEA. The rest of the things are gifted from my parents and second hand finds. 

That's all I have for you today! 

Until next time, 

Happy sewing!


Ploen Patterns

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  • You’re studio looks fantastic!


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