Better Fit: Toiles & Length adjustments

Thank you so much for all the lovely responses and feedback I received on the last video! If you haven't seen it yet you can watch it here.

Please leave all your questions about this video in the comments below! And please let me know what I shouldn't miss in the next video (part 3) about bust adjustments! 

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  • Hi, I wonder if you can explain in your next video how to do a 10 inch bust adjustment. My upper bust is 10 inches smaller than my full bust. So as you can imagine, if I make for my full bust, clothing hangs like a sack and the shoulder area is ill fitting. Thank you.
    Ploen Patterns replied:
    Hi Deborah! That’s a great idea! Stay tuned for the next video, coming soon :)/Josefine16 apr. 2024 kl. 10:19 skrev


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