Better Fit: Measure, Ease & Sizing

Thank you so much for all the lovely responses and feedback I received last week about what you want to learn! An overwhelming majority said they want to learn how to create better fit and make fit adjustments. I got a lot of questions about how to choose the correct size, questions about ease, and which measurements to use as a starting point. I'm going to walk you through measurements, ease, and sizing in today's video.

Please leave all your questions about this video in the comments below! And please let me know what I shouldn't miss in the next video about length alterations! 

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  • Should the bust measurement be with a bra on?
    Ploen Patterns replied:
    Thanks for your comment Rita! Yes, you should wear the same kind of bra that you wear most often. A simple t-shirt bra without a lot of padding could be a good idea for example :)

    Best regards, /Josefine Ploen Patterns

    Rita Camarsh

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