My Sewing Queue!

My list of "want-to-sew's" is looong. My dream sewing projects are always too many for the limited time I have. Today I want to share some of them with you. Maybe that can make me speed up the process and get me out of my sewing rut a bit! :) 

I recently bought the Ariana Dress by Style Arc. I just love summer dresses like this and have been looking for a pattern for some time. When I found the Ariana dress I was like "That's the dress!!!". Then I saw the shirring in the back and was like "... or maybe not". But then I thought it could look kind of cute. And I want to try something new. I've never had a dress with smock I think. (Maybe as a kid though...). I have two different fabrics in mind:


This Blue/turquoise floral fabric that was left over from production at the company where I'm a garment technician. Just love the smooth texture and the colours. And I love to take care of fabric that otherwise would've been waste.

And then this old sheet with gorgeous 70's colours. I think I can do a lot of fun things with the different sized dots. Both these fabrics are great for the Ariana dress. I think I will lengthen the dot dress though. Make it mid calf length. More of an *almost* maxi dress! 


Second in line is the Tate Top by Workroom Social! 

Tate Top sewing pattern by Workroom Social

I have this gorgeous viscose in mind. Polka dot fabric always catches my eye in a fabric store. This quite large piece was a remnant in a fabric store a few years ago and I have not yet used it for anything, only pre washed it. I think it's perfect for the Tate Top! And also - love a free pattern! Check it out!

Next in line is the York Pinafore by Helen's Closet. I bought it as soon as she released it but I have not yet decided on a fabric. Maybe a stripe? I think the pockets can look great with the stripes turned in the other direction... we'll see about fabric on this one. 

York Pinafore

Of course there's also another Freja Dress (my free download pattern) and Astrid skirt in line. I have some great fabrics in mind for my own patterns. But more about that another day.

What's in your sewing queue? Do you have any patterns that you CAN'T WAIT to try out next? 

Have a wonderful day guys, talk to you soon! 


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