Career - Join the Ploen Patterns team!

I need help! Maybe you are the perfect fit? 

I'm looking for an assistant, freelancer, consultant or similar who can take some tasks off my plate so I can focus more on designing patterns and marketing Ploen Patterns. Ideally you already have some freelancing experience, virtual assistance experience or similar and you already have your own business so you can send invoices.

To begin with this would be a very part-time freelance position. Sometimes no hours one week and sometimes maybe 5-10h another week depending on where I am in the process of a new pattern. Eventually as the business grows this role will grow I'm sure. This position is location independent, work from home or anywhere. Very flexible.

Tasks would depend on the skillset you have already and what I can teach you. It could include (for example);

  • Making illustrations for sewing instructions and developing instructions together with me
  • Doing initial pattern tests (toile-sewing + comments on what should be updated etc)
  • Doing sewalong blog-posts for Ploen Patterns
  • Creating layplans and calculating fabric requirement
  • Helping with pattern tests, answering questions in FB-testgroup and helping out with the testing process
  • Other things depending on your particular skillset (PR, marketing, social media, customer service, or something else)

Skills needed:

  • Great Adobe Illustrator knowledge and access to the software
  • Sewing skills (needs to be confident but doesn't have to be pro)
  • Basic knowledge of patterns. You don't need to be a pattern maker but you need to have general knowledge of how garments are put together, ease, seam allowances, pattern adjustment for fit etc)

Additional skills that are a bonus, but not necessary:

  • Knowledge of InDesign, to create/help with print files (for future paper pattern design)
  • CAD software knowledge for pattern making (I'm using Padsystem at the moment)
  • English as a first language or fluent with great grammar skills. For editing my texts, correcting instructions texts, blog posts etc
  • Pinterest/Tailwind knowledge
  • CLO3D skills 

If you don't have experience in all of the above but you think you could learn and you have other qualities that would benefit Ploen Patterns - please don't hesitate to apply! Since I'm a one-woman show at the moment any help is much needed and appreciated and this position can be tailored to the right person. I'm open to suggestions too if you have ideas about how you could help Ploen Patterns!

🌸 Send an email to and tell me a bit about yourself, show some of your illustrator work and tell me how you think YOU could improve Ploen Patterns today 👀 & also let me know your hourly rate.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


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