Basic Bodice Block - Ploen Patterns
Basic Bodice Block - Ploen Patterns
Basic Bodice Block - Ploen Patterns
Basic Bodice Block - Ploen Patterns

Basic Bodice Block

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Ploen Patterns Basic Bodice Block.

PDF Block pattern (bodice front, bodice back and sleeve). + PDF instructions e-book.

You will get a basic bodice block pattern in PDF format. You can print it at home on A4 or Letter size paper. Tape or glue the pages together. There are 12 basic sizes in the block to choose from.

An e-book also comes with the purchase. You will get a measurement chart to help you decide on which size to cut out, how to grade between sizes and how to make adjustments to the bodice block to fit you perfectly. 

In the e-book you will find a guide on how to use your bodice block once it fits you. And how you can start experimenting with some basic pattern drafting techniques.

The bodice block is the foundation of the Ploen Patterns blog series with drafting tutorials. When you have your basic bodice block you can easily follow along step by step and learn pattern drafting! 

A sloper pattern or a basic block pattern are two names of the same thing. It’s a custom-fitted, basic pattern from which patterns for many different styles can be developed. It’s used as a base for all pattern making and development. The basic bodice block has 12 sizes to choose from and a guide on how to adjust it.
With a basic bodice block anything is possible, only your imagination sets the limit to what you can achieve. 

A basic bodice block will change your approach to patterns and sewing clothes completely. Having a basic bodice block and the knowledge of basic pattern drafting will open up so many doors for you. Have you ever had an idea that you would like to create, but you didn't know how? Well, now you can! With the basic bodice block and some pattern making techniques you can create anything you can imagine.