The Astrid Skirt Sewalong! Part 2 - Pockets and putting the skirt together

Follow along step by step as I'm sewing the Astrid skirt! 

Part 2 - Pockets and putting the skirt together

Pattern: The Astrid skirt, PDF pattern

My fabric: I'm using this fabric from Storrs London called Shrimpton blue for my Astrid skirt. In collaboration with them I am offering you a discount code for 20% off your purchase! How great is that? Use code PLOEN1 at checkout when buying any of their gorgeous cotton lawn fabrics! 

This is Part 2 of the sewalong. Read part 1 here

In part 1 we made all the cutting and preparations needed. Now let's get sewing for real!

Step 5 - Pockets

Place the button lining piece right sides together with the front skirt piece. Sew the curved seam with 1 cm seam allowance. 

Clip into the seam allowance to make it easier to turn.

Press the seam allowances apart with your fingers and turn the pocket lining to the inside of the skirt. Topstitch along the pocket opening to keep everything in place. You could understitch instead if you want to create a more clean look. I chose topstitching for my version. 1-2 mm from the edge. I like the result for this particular fabric. And it keeps everything nicely in place.

Place the pocket pouch right sides together with the pocket lining piece. 

Pin only the pocket pieces together and sew the curved seam and zigzag or overlock the edge. Like this:

Sew the side seam of the skirt all 3 layers together.

Repeat on other side of the skirt. And then press all seams apart. Then the pockets and side seams are done!

Optional: When using a lining fabric for your pocket pouch and pocket lining
you need to use the
pocket facing piece. This piece is cut from the main fabric. Overlock edges and topstitch it to the pocket pouch piece.

If you only use the main fabric for all pattern pieces - skip this step.


Step 6 - center back seam

Sew center back seam and side seams of skirt.

Overlock or zigzag seam allowances. Topstitch in place or leave as they are. You might want to take in to consideration that the handling and washing of a garment becomes a little easier when seam allowances are stitched down. Then you don’t need to press them open every single time you wash and press. When overlocking the edges together this creates a similar effect but without topstitching. You could press the overlocked seam allowances to one side though and topstitch from there. It really comes down to preference. I chose to overlock all edges separately and not stitch them down. I want a clean look on side seams. 

Step 7 - Hem the skirt

Sew the hem facing pieces together at side seams.

This creates one long hem facing piece. Then sew the hem facing and skirt right sides together. Seam allowances of 1 cm are included on both pieces.

The hem facing is a bit longer than the skirt. 

Fold the excess (1 cm). Then sew the hem facing to the skirt with 1 cm seam allowance.

Press everything downwards, away from the skirt piece so to say. 

Understitch the hem facing by pressing all of the seam allowances to the same side towards the hem facing. 

Stitch 1-2 mm from the previous seam. This seam only shows on the inside. It keeps everything in place and makes the hem lay flat and smooth. It's called understitching. 

Then press the 1 cm seam allowance on other edge of the hem facing.

Press upwards and stitch in place to the skirt.

Make sure the distance from edge to seam is the same (4cm) 
continuously around the hem.

To close the "hole" in the skirt, sew a seam like this: 

Press the hem! And then it's done! 

Next time in part 3 we will be sewing the waistband and buttons and button holes. See you then for the last part of the sewalong! :)

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